Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Fair

 Clay Alliance has two sales a year Spring Fair on Derby Day and Holiday Fair in December. Yesterday was Holiday Fair.We had 35 excellent potters from all around the area and a large team of dedicated volunteers. I'd been fussing about this show for a while because it is a "table show" and I am used to bringing everything I own when I do a show. I needed a new approach so I built these shelves to effectively triple my space. That worked out well. I didn't sell any of the big jars so I didn't need to bring more of them. I did sell a lot of mugs, whiskey cups, bowls and bakers. This show has a central checkout so I didn't have to worry about making change or wrapping but I couldn't easily keep track of what I sold. I wasn't a rock star but I did pretty well. I'll know for sure later this week. I also had a lot of potters interested in my shelves. I could build several sets if I really wanted to.

I'm glad the show is over but there is no rest yet. Last Sunday I got an order for mugs. I threw them Monday. Added handles on Tuesday. Waxed the attachments and put them in the hot box on Wednesday. 7am Sunday, out in the studio starting the bisque kiln. When these are done I may just go to Cognito Mississippi for a few days. No one knows me when I'm in Cognito.


  1. Great set up and happy customers with big smiles, cool.

  2. Every time you photograph people they have the biggest smiles on their faces and look so happy holding pottery! I LOVE it!
    Those shelves are great, perfect way to increase your space. I like that central checkout plan, I did a show like that last year and it really eases the sales end, no making mistakes handling money while you are talking and wrapping all at the same time.

  3. Hey, those big smiles keep me doing this. It's sure not the easy money!

  4. waxing your handles peaked my interest... i used to use T-3 clay from Sheffield in MA - never had any issues with attachments cracking. Now that I am in NC I have switched to Highwater Clays and have had some handle cracks.
    Where you having a problem with attachments cracking, and has waxing helped? I dislike having to add another step to the process (I can be lazy)!

  5. Hi Michele. I only wax the attachment when I'm force drying the pots in the hot box or with a fan. It keeps that area from drying out too fast and works well. Just a quick wipe of liquid wax with a foam brush.No need to be neat, it burns off in bisque.


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