Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The barn builders are finished. I still have to wire it,insulate,etc and I probably will install a couple more windows that I got on the cheap at an auction last week.Then it will be time to build fixtures and get to making some pots.
Milestone number two is an 8 cu ft Bailey Gas Kiln that my neighbor gave me a lead on last summer. The previous owner was kind enough to keep it until I had a place to put it but today was the day to bring her home.It took a large truck,a Bobcat with forks on it,and a lot of care but here she is at last.The kiln has low mileage and two sweet little power burners so it should be nice to fire.Of course I still need propane service and a vent in the roof but this is definitely a step closer to being set up at home.

Friday, November 13, 2009

One Step Closer

At first I said he would never get the truck back there. Now I don't know if he will ever get it out! Concrete is a great thing to have and it puts me very close to bidding farewell to the pole barn crew. The only thing left for them top do is hang the overhead door. That will probably happen Monday, then I can get going with electric service and finish work. The kiln shed is cleaned out and the gas kiln can come as soon as I can arrange to move it.Progress marches on.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well,the project continues.The rest of the siding order showed up Thursday and the boys put it on yesterday.Here is what the finished exterior looks like. We still need to pour the concrete floor and install the garage door. Hopefully that will happen this coming week so I can get on with wiring, gas service, insulation,and oh yeah, getting the gas kiln set up!

Here's hoping for a great Western N.C. Pottery Festival in Dillsboro today. I really wanted to go but with everything going on here I just couldn't work it in.Hopefully, next year.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Short Report

The barn is coming along with a few snags. The lot was not as level as it was supposed to be so we had to build up the back and sides with extra 2x8's at the bottom and fill with much more gravel than anticipated. At this point I am probably $1000 over budget but that's not too bad. I was also disappointed to find out that the builders did not order enough siding and more will not arrive until the end of the week.All this beautiful dry weather is going to waste.All I can do right now is order more gravel and hope things go smooth next week.

Last Sunday was Empty Bowls at the Baker Hunt in Covington.I had donated a dozen bowls and several large boxes of seconds. After I worked my shift on the Early Set Up crew it was great to see the hundreds of people that turned out for the event.The "seconds" were a big hit and mine were flying off the tables. It is a wonderful feeling to see people walking around hugging your pots.The event was a big success and many hands made for light work and a good time for all.