Monday, December 5, 2011

Cone 6 Load

I needed some baking dishes for this Saturday's Holiday Fair so I pushed through a load of cone 6 pots this weekend. Not a waster in the bunch. I think I had 8 Bakers some green some red and one cobalt blue spongeware so this should help fill out the inventory. I have a little re-packing to do but I am basically ready for the show. I did get an order for mugs yesterday so I threw a bunch today to try to get them fired for Christmas. Every little bit helps.


  1. Nice red to the catsup red, have a great show.

  2. nice lookin' pots! i didn't know you did spongeware. we do it occasionally, there are a lot of collectors of it out there.

  3. Thanks Linda. Michele, yes I make some spongeware, mostly mugs and pitchers. It gets a lot of attention and brings people into the booth but it doesn't sell real fast around here.


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