Monday, October 28, 2013

Summer in Review

Where have you been? Seems like so long since we visited with each other. Oh wait, that was my fault. I seem to get focused on the task at hand and let everything else go in the mean time. This year, it has been construction. Tearing out the heating system, having gas service run and a new system installed (ductwork and all) in a 60 year old house was enough for one summer. We added a lot of patch and paint plus new floors installed and most recently a deck replacement. I didn't do all of this myself but I did do parts of most of it. I squeezed in a few shows and glazed up stockpiled bisque ware to fill in the gaps but really have not thrown many pots this summer. Then we had the government shutdown and the rollout of Affordable Healthcare. I have tried to solve these issues but don't blame me if they keep jumping up. It's your turn to try and fix things. Last week, the last of the major projects was completed and I finally threw a few pots over the weekend. I'm going to get to the "summer in review" pictures but you all need to know that the Western North Carolina Pottery Festival is this weekend in Dillsboro. This is the best show I've ever attended. Great potters and very nice people. These folks are in a higher pay grade than I am but I go every year and help my friends Mike and Karen Baum . It is like running a marathon but I wouldn't miss it. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Left

I got a call from someone the other day asking what pots I had on hand. Well. it's the end of my season so things are a little picked over and some other things would be cost prohibitive to ship but I thought I would post some pictures for her to see. In case I'm not allowed to do this, this is not a general offer to sell anything through Blogger. It is just to let Caroline know what I have handy and what prices I would charge her for them. Note some of the greens came through a little too saturated. They are really the same color as the other green pots.