Thursday, March 27, 2014

Periodic Embarrassment

Hey everyone just a quick update. The car continues to be repaired. The toll is up to $10,500 on the damage but still not enough to total it, just ruin it. I have been throwing myself silly (short trip) to get ready for summer shows and have just about enough bisque to get through the summer. Rather than show piles of greenware, I thought I would amuse you all with another song. Thanks for stopping.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Little Rant

When you are attached to something with an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis you are...? Hint.. it's the same thing as when your car is run over by a truck owned by the State of Ohio. If you didn't see last week's post, scroll down to look at the picture of the Subaru.  Back? OK. Here's the strange tale of how things work in Ohio.There was never any question that the BASDT ( Big Ass State Dump Truck) merged into my car at 50 or 60 mph , took out the right side, pushed me and the dog down the road with amazing force and left us 75 feet down an embankment. The risk management person from ODOT assured me at the scene that they were" Self Insured " and all would be well. What I didn't understand is that meant "MYSELF" not   " THEIR SELF " !!!  Yes friends the State of Ohio accepts responsibility for the accident but my insurance company picks up the tab. Supposedly there is to be no impact on my claims history, we'll see. Remember Sovereign Immunity from school? This is it in action. The state will generously cover my deductible and any rental car days beyond the 30 my policy covers. Five minutes before my car sustained $ 9K in damage it was worth about $ 18K. Even if it is perfectly repaired, it will never be worth even $ 14K with that big an accident on the CarFax. I have been up and down the food chain on this and cannot get anyone to consider totaling my car or compensate me for the loss of value that I have to eat on this deal. They tell me I'm screwed, I tell them I'm pissed and nothing changes. So if you see you are about to get hit by a "BASDT" try to get out of the way. The only one who is going to get hurt is you and no one will make you whole again.  Sometimes when no one is interested in making you happy you just have to decide to be happy anyway. I'm trying. be patient. Thanks for listening.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Back Again

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. It has been an adventuresome week. The dog and I were driving up the highway yesterday when a State of Ohio dump truck merged into the Subaru. This was one of the big ones they plow the interstate with. Yikes it was thrilling as we spun around and got pushed down the road sideways then spun over a steep embankment. Both man and dog came through without a scratch but I don't know how we kept from rolling over. The car is pretty cut up on the passenger side and my insurance company and the State of Ohio are sorting out who pays for what. Hopefully it will all come out in the end.

My friends Mike and Karen had their photo both set up the other day and invited me over so I could update my photos for shows. These are better than what I had but could still be improved. It won't hurt my feelings if you have suggestions on which ones to use or how to make them better. If you don't tell me who will? Thanks for stopping by.