Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Pictures

I took better pictures of the tea bowls. Some will be at the Krohn Conservatory and some I will have at Springfair. Also I am thrilled that the electrician has finally started rewiring the house and powering up the new studio.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pitchers and Tea bowls

I am happy that I got the last five of the pitchers for our daughter's wedding out of the kiln this weekend. It's a relief to know that I have enough for each table and a few spares. Jean Ann fires the gas kiln and always does a great job but this firing was extra nice. All of the pitchers were perfect and the shino flashed and carbon trapped like crazy. Thank you, Jean Ann.
I have been trying to make some tea bowls for a show the club has coming up and I thought I would include a couple of pictures of them as well.

Spring has finally started to arrive and with it comes the electrician! It looks like I will soon have power in the new studio. The electrician came Friday, worked out a few details and said she will be here Monday to start on the installation. I was so excited I spent all afternoon Saturday furring out the walls for insulation and installing another window in the side of the building.

Lastly, a quick apology. I updated to the new improved version of Blogger and have been having problems figuring out how to format the post so the images are where I want them to be. Just bear with me and scroll down.