Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Ready

I unloaded bisque today and will load a glaze firing tomorrow to get ready for Spring Fair on May 1. I have some bowls in a new style this year and am trying a few with red clay and white slip finished off with clear as well. With Kate's wedding coming up on the 24th there is not much time to get things done before we have to leave town and almost no time when we get back.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Finally, at long last, after much patience and anticipation, there is electricity in the new studio building! The Winter was too cold and snowy to start in January when we were scheduled and wet weather precluded trenching several times once the temperatures rose. But it is finally done . Unofficial Clay Alliance electrician Becky Geiger and her husband Doug did a nice job and were good to work with. If you need work on your service or kiln, they can fix you up.

Astute viewers will notice a very fat electric cord running down from an outlet next to the service panel.Yup, that's 60 amps of 240 volts powering my old Evenheat kiln. I finally got to plug it in for the first time and it heats up fine with all elements working. Any potter knows being able to do some of your own firing is a huge step forward.

Wednesday, I made a quick trip to Charlotte with 14 pitchers with matching wooden trays and a 10 x 20 canopy for daughter Kate's upcoming wedding. I did 3-90 minute demos for her art classes Thursday. The kids were attentive and we all had a good time. That was a lot of throwing in one day.

On the return trip, I went through Asheville and detoured around the I-40 rockslide by going up to Weaverville and taking route 25 through the Cumberland Gap to Corbin Ky. The picture is looking at Powell's Valley that runs from the Gap down to Lafollette,Tn. It awakens my sense of history to think that my great, great, great grandfather Joseph Allen walked that path into Tennessee 200 years ago.

The last stop before home was at Tater Knob pottery outside Berea. Sarah Culbreth and Jeff  Enge are wonderful country potters and I always try to visit when I can. They have been making custom pots to fill orders and Jeff has gotten into print making as well. That's about it for now. I'm filling out the show schedule for this summer starting with Spring Fair May first. Don't miss it!