Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bend Over Grover

OK, here comes one of those radical left wing blog posts.Some of you may wish to tune out now and stop back next week.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that the main thing that is choking Congress is the no tax never no how pledge that Grover Norquist has extorted many of our lawmakers into signing. You can't get access to Republican donors without it and if you don't sign it Grover's forces will work against you. If you ever waver, it's off with your head.Grover refuses to say who his funding comes from but he has so much of it you know he didn't get the money from poor people.This is the one thing that is keeping compromise out of budget negotiations. Lawmakers are scared to death to say that we should repeal the law that maxes Hedge Fund managers tax rate at 15%. They claim we should lay off public workers or let the payroll tax cut expire before we do anything as radical as ask the nations top earners to pay their fair share. Congressmen line up to kiss Grover's butt. So........

This week I am awarding the "Bend over Grover Award" to Mitch McConnell. Mitch says that instead of taxing millionaires (job creators who are not creating jobs), we should freeze the pay of Federal employees( working Americans), and Congress (non-working Americans) to pay for a continued cut in the payroll tax. As needed I will give the award to other lawmakers that I see puckering up to give Grover a big kiss.

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  1. Unfortunately we have the best corrupt politicians big money can buy, especially on the Republican side. They don't work for the people anymore, which is clearly shown by the fact that they are voting against what the majority of Americans have clearly stated what they want and don't want.

    If they let the tax cuts expire, the ever rapidly declining middle class with decline even further as well as a host of other funding/economic problems that will be created by that.

  2. No politician democrat or republican works for the people; the whole system is defunct; and while they keep fighting among themselves and blaming the other party it puts up a smoke screen for the public to focus on their fighting and issues (either republican or democrat) when the real problems are never dealt with just stirred up; the real problems are politicians who do nothing but inside trading, campaign for their next term in office, party, travel, and smooze their contributors and then try to sway the voters into voting for them again. If the whole lot of them were out of office from the top down and we had folks who were not allowed to take a single campaign dollar and actually cared for doing their job and cared for their fellow man, America would be much better off. For four years we blame the republicans, then we blame the democrats, the pendulum continues to swing back and forth with no real change or improvement, we need a total government overhaul.


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