Saturday, November 15, 2014

Couples Therapy

This is one guys approach to couples therapy

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanks for the Help

Hey everyone. Just a quick update and some observations on social media. When I asked for blog comments "Please Help" I received responses from over 20 readers letting me know their locations. Last week I mentioned on the CLAY BUDDIES forum that I was about to teach my first adult wheel class and add the word 'Tips ?' I received over a hundred responses in just a few hours. People in the clay community seem to be extraordinarily responsive to requests for assistance. Thank you all very much for your help and words of support.

Speaking of Wheel class, it is going very well. On the first night, I had 6 of my 7 students. I brought in some very soft reclaim for them to use and everyone was able to center. A few small pots rose off the wheelheads as well. Last night they switched to regular clay and were still able to center and pull. We are having fun and everyone is very supportive of each other. My beginner who missed the first session showed up and she is a natural. Centering and pulling three little pots on her first night. She must have one heck of a teacher !

Other than that, I have been working on a slightly different cereal bowl that is a bit taller and not as wide. The lower profile ones I've been selling are very functional but I think a taller bowl will show off the form and glazes better. I'll let you see after I get some glazed.

I'm still in a puzzle about what to tale to Holiday Fair on the 6th of December. The booths are 8x6 and it has thrown me for a bit of a loop that I am actually going to have to leave stuff at home and put up a different display. I'm thinking mugs, slab platters, bakeware , and a few big vases. I'll get it worked out but just don't expect me to make a bunch of holiday themed trinkets and glittery objects. Be well. Be happy and thanks for stopping by. Have a happy Thanksgiving if we don't chat before then.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Show in the Snow

Thanks so much for your input on my survey last time. I would have responded to all the comments when they came in but for some reason, that usually makes people think we are all done with a topic and they don't join in. I had 400 or so people check in. I think when you ask for help on a potters forum you get a lot of responses. 20 people commented from Denmark, England Australia Japan Scotland Canada and none of the Russian, Ukrainian or Chinese readers had anything to say.

Thursday was a day I always look forward to every year. I take the camper south for a weekend of fun. I drive to Raccoon Valley Tn. and stop at the Escapees campground for their Thursday night Jam session. Mostly Bluegrass and older stuff that I like . I also like that at a mere 64 years old I'm one of the youngest pickers there. Man can those guys play ! When the clock hits 7, it's sit down and hang on. Everyone takes a turn leading a couple of songs and when it's your turn you stand up and sing. No fooling around scratching your head and trying to decide what to do. Just be ready and go ! In the 2 hrs we played there was probably not a one minute break in the music even though a couple of guys needed help getting to the microphone. Traditional music in its pure form. Can't get better. There was a good crowd too probably 30 audience and 15 to 20 pickers. Guitar, fiddle, upright bass, mandolin, banjo, dobro, and slide. And that was just Thursday.

Friday morning, I drive across route 40 to Waynesville, NC and take 74 west to Dillsboro, NC. This is the home of the best pottery show in the country every first Saturday of November and I go to wrap and schlep for my friends Mike and Karen Baum. Friday afternoon is fun and games to entertain and add to everyone's enjoyment of the weekend. Clay Olympics ran from one to two With Alysha Baier winning the overall title. I think it was the wonder woman crown that put her over the top.

Next up, as the weather turned colder, John Bauman, Roxie Clark, Laurie Faye Long and I played some music for the folks. John and Roxie brought the talent, Laurie Faye brought the youth and good looks, and I brought the nerve. Some people stayed, some went to get warm. We had a good time and got to know each other a little better. We could not set up until after 7:30 and rain had started. We got the tent up, the shelves set up, and the boxes stacked by 9:00pm without getting too wet or frostbitten but the weather was turning. I tuned in the one station I could get on TV and saw the forecast.The banner on the screen actually said DON'T GO OUTSIDE !!! Not just don't drive or be careful . Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Georgia were all in panic mode. 10 or 12 inches in the mountains, get your bread and milk and pull the covers over your head!

6:15 Saturday morning we were breaking ice off the boxes and stocking the shelves as a light wet snow fell on us. The forecast was calling for 50 mph wind gusts in the afternoon. By the 10 AM opening, the snow had pretty well stopped. The ground was warm enough that we had no accumulation although you could see it up on the mountains. By about 10:30, people started coming. They said stuff like " Honey, I wouldn't miss this for nuthin' !" We got cold but we sold better than we expected. Was it as good as the last few years? No, but it was better than most any other one day show in good weather. We had people from Ohio, from Atlanta, from Virginia. come to see potters from Minnesota, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York etc etc. If you ever get the chance you need to come see how a clay show is supposed to be. Sunday I left real early and hit a little snow from Waynesville NC into Tn. on I 40 but it was not stuck to the road and only lasted for 40 miles or so then again on Pine mountain South of Jellico before I went into Ky. That's enough words, here are some pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

Laurie Faye Long as Willie Nelson

Wonder Woman

Brant Barnes and Sarah Wells Roland

Doug Dacey watches Joe Frank Mc Kee watch Sarah Rowland

Travis Berning

Alysha Baier

Laurie Faye Long

Snow in the high country

John Bauman

John Bauman

Home Sweet Home