Monday, January 28, 2013

Functional, Yes! Necessary????

In keeping with the dedication to functionalism that I displayed in the churn last time I have returned to making jugs this week. When I was just starting in clay.I got a call from daughter Kate who teaches art in Charlotte. She said,"Dad, make me a couple of face jugs". I replied, " What's a face jug ?" She said " Make a jug and put a face on it !" That started an adventure in jug making that lasted about a year. I never really got into making that many faces but I did get into making jugs.They are really good for skills training. It's not easy to get them nice and full at the shoulder but strong enough to support the spout.  A couple of the biggest ones have sectional bodies, all have the spouts thrown then attached. They are a fun challenge and I know they will be big sellers, every home needs several to store cider, whiskey, vinegar, etc. I may have finally found that easy money item.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Function First

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the last post. It's hard to be a functionalist, make ware that hits a price point but leaves a profit, and compete for show admissions with people who spend hours and hours on each pot they make. Sticking with my dedication to function, I have been making some prototypes for this coming season.

Every Home Needs a Churn.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Call for Artists

I know that after my Christmas blast of posts, I have been remiss in my blogging duties. I have been preoccupied with my plan to host an exhibition this summer. Here's the deal. I think it will be fine to hold the show in my garage. It has a couple of electrical outlets and is handicapped accessible. We can throw a tarp over the tools ,put some boards across the sawhorses and we'll be all set. I have parking for 15 cars or so and it's only a mile to a little shopping center where we can have overflow parking. Patrons will enjoy the walk.

 I can hire a juror who is deeply steeped in academia and has never had to make a living actually making pots or had to pay for his own studio and kilns. Fifty bucks or so should cover it since money shouldn't matter to a true artist. The juror must have a history of making ceramic objects that collect large amounts of dust and serve no other earthly purpose. They should sell for high prices that no one can explain and be too delicate to withstand the touch of a human hand.Since this will be a "blind" jurying, the juror may consult with his seeing eye dog as needed.  If you get in, it will be a case of American blind justice. ( Thank you Arlo) The final test is that his cupboard should only contain a matching set of plastic dinner ware from Walmart.

The jury fee is $25 for each entry. Naturally you may enter as many pieces as you wish. Artists should submit professional photos of all entries. Framed 8x10 prints preferred and they will not be returned unless accompanied by an additional $25 check.  Entries should have been made this year, never been seen before, and measure exactly 3 x 2 7/16 x 5 7/32. The juror will favor work made using original processes and nine or more glazes. The more toxic the better. Work should have originated near the center of the universe and have a significant impact on world hunger, peace in the middle east, and a solution to climate change. Extra consideration will be given for work that eliminates the federal debt. All work must be for sale. A nominal 85% commission will be charged. If accepted, the artist will be responsible for shipping both ways. We reserve the right to "compress" your work for easier packing.

I know a caterer who can hook me up with some partially full boxes of wine, recycled plastic cups and leftover nibbles at a good price. I can get out my harmonica and serenade everyone as long as we stay in the key of C. (As you my have guessed, the best thing about my harmonica playing is that I can't sing with a harp in my mouth.) It's always nice to have a few notables in the crowd so maybe I'll invite Mitt to come tell us about how to run a business. So, who's in???