Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

I am still officially on Christmas break and looking forward to a much too rare visit from our globe trotting son. I popped back in just to take care of two important points.

1. Merry Christmas, Solstice, Kwanza, or holiday of your choice.( I didn't want to leave any out but I can only spell these and Blogger only tells me the others are wrong and not how to correct them Someone should write a book where I can look up words and their meanings..) I do appreciate every reader and comment and I especially thank those of you who put a link to this site on your own blogs.

2. We cannot close for the Holiday without awarding the BEND OVER GROVER award to Speaker John Boehner for refusing to consider the BI-PARTISAN Senate extension of the payroll tax cut and loading the house version with so many poison pills that no one in the Senate wanted anything to do with it. He rolled over for the Tea Party and made Grover Norquist and friends happy by choking the working people of America. Bend over Grover, drop those drawers and stand under the mistletoe.  Johnny is puckering up to give you a big Holiday kiss.


As I was going past my homepage on the way to shutting down the computer, I saw that the House has reportedly caved on the payroll tax extension. Apparently they figured out that when they act like assholes people accuse them of being assholes. This makes them fear for their political lives and do things against their nature.I really think that caving makes them look worse. If their stand was on "Principle" they are spineless for rolling over. Their stand could not have been  for assumed political gain because they just wouldn't do something that sacrificed the welfare of the American public just to make points. Or would they? Either way they really screwed themselves this time. When you put yourself in a lose/lose situation, you usually lose.


  1. Merry Christsolwanza to you! I have a lot of bend over awards I could give out in NC, but they are all going to prison right now :)

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Love it. I'll pay for the mistletoe! Merry Christmas!


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