Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Construction and Simon Leach Workshop.

Sometimes you can't find any news of interest to write about( as my readers will attest). Sometimes you have too much news to fit it all in. This week is one of the latter. The big story is that my studio is rising in the back yard as I am typing.The crew from PDQ Pole Buildings is living up to their name and working hard in tight quarters.They broke ground yesterday and even with a four hour standstill while waiting for a footer inspection the framing will be finished today.The studio space is 24x24 large enough for a one person workspace but small enough to heat.The bay on the left is a 12x24 covered "carport" where I can park the boat.Here's a picture of the boys doing the rafter dance.

Over the weekend I attended a workshop led by internet sensation Simon Leach. He was very entertaining and I learned a few things as well. It was hosted by Amphora Studios(Core Clay) and Laura Davis and her crew did a wonderful job with hospitality and facilities. If you get a chance to go to one of their workshops, don"t miss it.Here are Simon throwing with his hands and Daniel Luck throwing with his feet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

They say the barn is coming!

The back yard is excavated.I have 20 yards of gravel on site.The permit is issued. All I need now is for the builders to show up.I talked to them yesterday and we are hoping to start next week (weather permitting of course.) I am starting to get excited now that it looks like having my own studio is going to be a reality in a few weeks.It will be nice to have some elbow room and 24/7 access.Stay tuned for updates and news of the christening party.

                                                  In other news. Empty Bowls is in two weeks and I have a lot of greenware bowls that I am going to bisque fire Monday. They should be glazed and fired in time but they may still be warm when I deliver them.

One other pottery item, I have just started trying scraffito on some pots.Maybe I should have learned to draw first.

Well, Tina has been touring the south in the motorhome for two weeks and last night she said she was going to start meandering home. I have to get busy hauling out the liquor bottles and sweeping up the confetti before she gets here!