Monday, September 28, 2015

Yes you can use it !

Old Joe Clark had a house
16 stories high
every story in that house
was filled with.......

Add Chicken Stew with onion, carrots, celery potatoes broccoli and cauliflower

Top with biscuits

Bake at 350 until it looks like this

This may turn out to be the single serving size baking dish ( 12 " ) Good Stuff ! Oh, I forgot to mention it's vegetarian. Well at least the chicken was primarily a vegetarian with just a few bugs and worms on the side.

Monday, September 14, 2015


I had two shows this weekend. Bellevue Ky, and Loveland Ohio. I have done them both for the last 5 or 6 years and they are usually pretty good shows. Some years they end up on the same weekend. Two set ups two knockdowns two days in the booth. Bellevue is an up and coming community that is being revitalized by hard working community oriented citizens and a government that tries to help people do things instead of telling them why they can't. The show is right on the Ohio river with the best view anywhere of the Cincinnati skyline. They have the best volunteers anywhere and they are always happy to help carry your crates and set up your tent. The fan base is very loyal and I have people coming back year after year. I have one guy who has come every year and spent $50 or so to buy a birthday present for his Mom. He tells me she gets really excited about what pottery she is going to get each year. I love it. I also see other folks who are building sets or stopping by to order something to pick up at my next show. I probably had 15 returning customers and next year I expect 20. We had a shower about 2pm and steady rain from 4pm on. It still turned out to be one of my best shows of the year. Mugs, big bowls, cereal bowls, pitchers jars bakeware and a few plates. It was a good mix of sales and it comes from developing a consistent look to my ware, making good honest pottery and not chasing trends or the pot of the day. Other people are welcome to make anything they want and more power to them. This is just the path I have followed in establishing a brand. I managed to get off the lot by 6:30 with a lot of help from Matt. (one of the volunteers who put in 12 hrs.) I could barely walk when I got home. I made an early night of it and Sunday started a little after 5 am.

Loveland has been revitalized with a bike and hike trail that runs across a good portion of Ohio. You see a lot of dog walkers and bicyclists. Neither of these groups buy a lot of pottery but they give the area a good vibe. They do draw a good crowd of buyers and I did well but not what I had done Saturday. Several friends and return customers came by but it was mostly new business. It was a long hard day coming right after a long hard day. My booth was under a big tree. Had it been hot that would be a plus but with one neighbor having sides on and another using Pro Panels it was a little to dark to made pottery sing. Lights next year. Also coming off Bellevue, my stock was a little picked over. I think I ended up maybe $250 short of what I had done Saturday but all things considered it was a good day for me. My friend Trish was right across from me and I was happy to see that she was slammed all day. I had to cart stuff across the park but there were a bunch of volunteers to help and I'm old enough not to be too proud to gather some of them when needed. I think it was about 6:45 when I pulled out and finally headed home.

I have people ask about shelves all the time here are some booth shots. The two big units have frames that fold flat and the tabletop unit has a panels that quickly attach with carriage bolts and wing nuts. For instructions on making some, search this blog for SHELVES. I'm gonna go now. I have to make more stuff.

Large ammo box full of gravel
Nice weight, about 50 lbs

Friday, September 4, 2015

Bad, Bad Blogger

Wow, it seems like forever since we visited with each other. Where have you been? Oh wait it is my fault. I've been the lazy , well make that uninspired one. Hope you are all well. Late summer has kind of taken over here. I'm busy getting ready for some fall shows. I had a very good show in Yellow Springs a few weeks ago. Good weather, good sales, and everything went as planned. For some reason though it really seemed to beat me up. I could barely get out of the van when I got home about 7:30 and the next morning was worse. Next weekend I have a Saturday show in Bellevue Ky and a Sunday show in Loveland Ohio. They are both good shows for me but I am not looking forward to setting up and knocking down twice. I always say an art show is just a day in the park. A day in the park with three hours of hard labor at each end. I have had a few nice pots come out lately.

Very nice dinner plate I did 8 and they all looked like this !

One of my favorites
I've been running a 4 for $ special on cereal bowls
Not making a lot of profit but moving product and getting people into my brand.
It should pay off long term.

Heartbreak of the week 15" tall beautiful outside and a blowout inside!

In other news I am no longer teaching at The Middletown Art Center. The new director did not want to recognize firing credits that I had earned under my contract. To make it short, I went over her head to the board and prevailed. Later in the summer, I received a new class schedule in the mail and I wasn't on it. I thought that was a very classy way of letting me know. Frankly. I will miss my students but I am enjoying having Thursdays free. I have been going to jam sessions and doing some open Mics too. Here is a recent example. Hope to see you soon.