Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coping Skills

I think  I can see that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train after all. The major carpentry on the house was wrapped up last weekend when my brother Norris helped me install a new patio door. The old door was an aluminum slider that was so worn that it didn't really like to slide anymore. It had also racked enough that it didn't close as tightly as it should either. Besides the mechanical concerns, it wasn't getting any prettier. Keep in mind that we have a pack of dogs and that between the ins and the outs that door probably opened 20 times a day. It had to go. As I got ready to remove the old one, I noted that the original installers had put in the door then brought the aluminum siding over the edges of it. The door was also set about 1/2 inch into the floor. It had to be removed from the outside and the new one had to go in the same way. This meant that we had to cut back the siding with an angle grinder to get the old door out. This gave us a couple of extra hours of fun in the sun. Did I mention double steel patio doors are heavy?? It was nonstop fun from 9:30 to 3:30 when we finally got it plumbed and secured then we collapsed for the day. Saturday was lightweight by comparison. I was able to take my time caulking and trimming it out. I think it ended up looking pretty good. I know swinging it open and closed is a lot easier than sliding the old one.

Duke finally ran the gas line to the house last week. Now my furnace guy needs to hook up to it then Duke will set a meter and open the valve!!! Finally.

The interior work is mostly done. plaster is patched and new baseboard has replaced the old baseboard radiators. There is still some painting to do but very soon, the new flooring will be installed, NOT BY ME, and this project will be finished. Next, rehab the bathroom. I am including a couple of "before shots" to refresh your memory. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Good job! Trim work is a hard thing to master well.
    It looks great from here.

  2. Thanks Meredith. I used to have a very small woodworking/antique restoration business. Like carving pottery, it gets easier after the first hundred or so times you do it.

  3. Thanks Robert. Have a good year at school.

  4. Rehab work can be stressful and frustrating, but the end result will be fabulous. Swinging patio doors are such an improvement over sliders, so much more attractive to look at as well.

  5. Thanks Michele. New door is a huge improvement. It is a pleasure to open it and it's faster so the cat doesn't get out. I'm down to final touch up and clean up with the paint then I can take a break for a bit.


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