Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pack It or Whack It ?

Welcome to tonight's episode of of the new hit show "Pack It or Whack It ?" Tonight we will explore what happens to a kiln load of tests and refires. I have included some select examples. Rest assured that there were many more that did not make the cut. There were a bunch of blue bowls with too thin glaze that broke to an ugly green and some pieces that were dipped in the white that convinced me to spray it from now on. I like the decoration on the iron red oval dish but I got a little split where the sidewall is joined to the base. Still, it gave me good information.


  1. I love that white jug, I have a white satin matte mixed up to test if I ever get my dang kiln fired! Hope it looks as good as the one in your photos!

  2. darn those cracks, but as you said much learning going on.


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