Thursday, June 14, 2012

Running on Empty

Every now and then the lightning fast red carpet glamor of being a potter/blogger catches up with me and I start running low on interesting topics that do not piss off half my readers.While I ruminate on a future post that you might like, you can look at this instead.

First, a short ride on the braggin'  wagon. I was big fish in a small show at the Middletown Art center.I know some of you have seen this jug before, but it didn't have a blue ribbon to pose with last time

Next is my once a year, nothing else to write about back up embarrassing video. Every time I sing, people say I should take my act on the road. Actually, they say I should get out of town but that's almost the same thing isn't it? I am just trying to make everyone happy. Some of you will be happy when this starts, all of you will be happy when it stops.Sorry about the fumbling at both ends. I cut those out but the editing didn't upload with the video for some reason. Probably operator error. Well, here goes.


  1. Is there a video here? My iPad is blank in that space??
    I'll be back when I find my laptop. Congrats on that pretty blue ribbon. Isn't it fun to see your work recognized!?

  2. Yes Tracy there is a video that works from this end but your version probably sounds better.I'll double check it.

  3. hurray for blue ribbons! it's a great looking jug, I really like that glaze.

    I can see the video on my end... and enjoyed the music while writing my comment. (and I really did enjoy it)

  4. Got it on my laptop! I love when you do these, very nice!!!!
    My ipad clearly doesn't like video :(

  5. nice jug and i enjoyed the video.

  6. Awesome jug! And I had no idea you could sing! KUDOS!

  7. Thanks everyone. Pam, I had no idea I could sing either. I think the jury is still out on that one.


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