Saturday, June 16, 2012


I am amazed at the amount of re-branding that goes on in America. If you knew the original names of some of the the fish we eat you wouldn't go near it. The noble King Mackerel was the Hogfish before the consultants got a hold of it.The Chilean Sea Bass sounds so much nicer than the Patagonian Toothfish ( Eat one before it eats you).  Crayfish sounds better than Mudbug. Even the lowly Whitefish sounds tastier than Gizzard fish.  A rose by any name would smell as sweet but it wouldn't sell if it were named the Skunk flower. One man's Job Killing  Regulation is another man's Health, Safety, and Environmental protection. One man's Failed Stimulus is another's Intervention That Saved Us From Collapse. Let's look at a few Job Killing Regulations.

Some say that our economy is stifled by taxes that are imposed on Job Creators (Billionaires). Employers are forced to pay a tax on the wages of their employees that goes to send checks to people who are not even working. They really do not have a choice in the matter and employees pay nothing into the fund. Could any program be more ludicrous and unfair? Redistribution of wealth plain and simple. They call the program "Unemployment Compensation" I call it a Job Killing Giveaway. Anyone who wants less government in their life can have it by simply not filing for benefits when they are out of work.( I think a even a few true believers may try to file anyway.) One party hated Cash for Clunkers but a lot of them took the check. What we really don't want is our money going to someone else. Their money coming to us is just fine.

No need to stop there. Certain politicians scream that Social Security will eventually break the economy. Don't privatize it, just stop it. It is financed by a tax on Job Creators and on hard working Middle Americans. Well at least on the working man part of the wages, remember, it's capped so people that earn more don't pay more. (finally they get a break). You know how we hate taxes so the smart move is just break the social contract. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has proven it's  ok  to break union contracts so why not? Would people suffer? Maybe, but most could live comfortably on that emergency fund that Suze Orman recommends we all have. Simply put, "If you need some money, take it from your extra money."

At least one governor is catching on. Ohio passed and John Kasich signed new energy "regulations" this week. The impact of the increased "regulation " is that Fracking is made a lot easier.  Nothing like MORE man made earthquakes to shake things up a little. This is one kind of regulation I can do without.

Every time John Boehner opens his mouth about any of Obama's policies he now prefaces it with "job killing". Job killing Healthcare bill, job killing stimulus, job killing Apple Pie, job killing blue tie. Give it a rest Johnny. Calling a law " Job Killing Obamacare" or "Life Saving Healthcare law" doesn't change the content of the law or create any jobs. Jobs come from demand for goods and services not from giving the rich more money .

Folks who had been referring to the current downturn as the"Obama Recession" have realized that it really doesn't wash to just blame him so they have begun to link him to another well known liberal activist, George W. If you listen, many are now calling it the "Bush/Obama" recession and laying some of the blame on Bush being too far left. Really???  I agree that George overspent, under accounted,gave tax dollars to the rich,and left two little wars out of the budget (which really  goosed   the debt when we started counting it.) I don't think we can hang the blame for European double dip recession on either one of them .Those guys (say gees) did it to themselves and it continues to hurt us all.

"Shrink the government !" is a popular rallying cry. You give them what they want then they use it to bite you in the ass. Government has already shrunk so much that laid off public workers account for about 2 of those 8 percentage points of unemployment. Really. Surprisingly, the folks who scream the loudest about the size of government don't take credit for that statistic and try to blame the entire unemployment rate on the big O and I don't mean Oprah. Remember all those "community helpers" you learned about in Kindergarten??? That's government. "Let's fire the community helpers" doesn't sell as well.

In summary, everyone spins the message. Don't listen to the platitudes and euphemisms. Get your facts from a primary source not someone whose livelihood depends on rousing the rabble just to get attention.

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