Sunday, June 3, 2012


Saturday dawned early, but not before I did. I was out of the house before 6 and started on the 70 mile drive to Augusta Ky. All went well but about 5 miles from the show a deer jumped out of the bushes in front of the van. I thought we were both in trouble but after a small bump, she ran off and later I couldn't find any damage to the van. It was as close as I have come to a big deer crash and it was close enough that I don't need another.

Set up and check in went well and about 10AM folks started strolling down through the show. It was cool, breezy, and partly cloudy so there was a pretty good turnout. I sold a cookie jar, a pitcher, some baking dishes, a square casserole, a big bowl but not one mug or cereal bowl until 2PM when mugs started selling. I didn't sell a cereal bowl all day and mine are really nice. You never can tell what people are going to want. It is a beautiful site with gardens on one side of the street and art show on the other. The ferry docks at one end of the show and there is always that anticipation that George Clooney will come back to his boyhood home for the day. It is a nice little show.

Last year I had sold a LARGE baking dish/serving bowl to an older woman named Jane. She was walking with a cane and needed help getting the pieces she bought to her car so I had carried them to the car for her and wished her well. This year, Jane pulls up in front of the booth in a golf cart that her son was driving.They both started carrying on about how much she likes the big baking dish and how often she uses it for cobblers and casseroles. She said that she uses 8 cans of green beans to make green bean casserole in it! That's big. She was hoping to get another but I didn't have one that big so she bought the biggest one I had. I love it when people are happy with their pots and I really love it when they use them.

I didn't get rich but I did ok and it is always pleasant to show there.. One thing I did learn is that I need lights. We were set up in the shade on a cloudy day and it was a little dim in the tent. I picked up some battery powered LED lights this morning and will try them next time.

This morning, I woke up too early but too sore to go back to sleep so I wrote a poem instead. If I don't make it big in pottery, I can always fall back on the lucrative field of freelance poetry.

Early to bed
early to rise
oh my aching
back and thighs.
I used to be
strong like oxes
had no trouble
loading boxes.
Does no good
to sit and grieve.
think I'll take some
more Aleve.



  1. I think you have a budding career there Dennis, I'm feeling pretty much the same today after 12 hours on the interstate, I had much appreciation for that poem today!

  2. Thanks Tracey.It all feels better today but I'm going to need to get ten years younger or start taking less stuff to shows. Enjoy your vacation.


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