Monday, August 3, 2009

New Pots etc.

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. We were supposed to fire the wood kiln at Maplecreek in June but were unable to get enough folks together to do it. That pushed us into July to try again. We had enough people signed up to load on Saturday the 18th but when we got the pots together we were short 1/2 stack in the wood side and a whole stack in the soda side. You can't fire a kiln with that much empty space so we all ran home to put together a final batch of pots for Thursday night so we could fire on Friday. As luck would have it I had a lot of greenware waiting to bisque fire and Jean Ann was kind enough to let me jump in and fire them in time for the loading.

Thursday, I finished teaching my high school girls at 3:00, rushed home, jumped in the motorhome, and headed for the kiln. Several other people had brought pots so we wadded and loaded and wadded and loaded until 9:00 pm when we finally got it closed up and ready to fire. I was in bed by 9:20. Friday morning came at 6:30 and I stumbled up the trail and had the kiln started by 7:00. The first shift is not too frantic so I worked by myself until 3:00 when I was very glad to see Carol Osborne arrive. By a little after 6:00 I was pooped and when a couple more people showed up I passed the torch and headed for home. Everything hurt for three days but I forgot about that Saturday when we opened the kiln. OK, enough words, here are the pictures.

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