Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Weekend

Last weekend I was up to my ears in pottery. working hard, and enjoying all of it. I had signed up to show at Bellevue, Ky on Saturday and Waynesville, Ohio on Sunday.

I got to Bellevue about 7:30 Saturday and had my choice of locations. I picked a spot in front of the bank and even though the tent was provided, it still took an hour and a half or so to set up. I was really glad I had brought my weights, they are butt ugly but cheap and effective and the wind was starting early. After a slow start, I sold pretty well including a nice sale to a lovely young woman who wanted a little jar for her boyfriend but added a woodfired teapot and set of matching mugs before she was done. My friend Pam was next to me and friends Peggy and Ann were across the street. It's always a lot more fun if there are folks who can help each other and provide booth coverage if you have to run down the street for something. The merchants seemed glad to have us and the committee members were very nice as well. The weather threatened all day and about 2:30 I started to tape lids on pots and get ready to pack. Everything was in the truck by 4:00 and the rain started at 4:02. Nice day. I'll be there again September 12 for their Art in the Park show. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Sunday was bright and clear. There were more people in Waynesville than usual but sales were slow. Thanks to my friends Ed and Donna who came up just to buy a casserole from me that they could have just stopped by the house for. I sold a couple of more oven pieces and and a few mugs to round out the day. I also talked to the show organizer for Xenia's Rail and Arts festival on August 22. I sent them an application and booth fee this morning so it looks like I am getting in deeper and deeper.

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