Sunday, August 23, 2009

Xenia Rail and Art Festival

The picture at the left may look familiar( Same as last time) but the message is different. These were a big hit at the Xenia festival. I sold half the baking dishes and three fourths of the handled soup bowls that I got out of the kiln last week. It's nice to pick a winner sometimes.

There really wasn't a crowd but traffic was pretty steady and people seemed to really like my work. There were 35 tents that were a mix of community organizations, railroad and model train enthusiasts, and art. There were some painters, jewelers, and photographers as well as a woman who made slab built items from clay. (I'm sorry but I can't find polite words to describe it and refuse to call it pottery). I had a flurry of sales in the morning and they kept trickling in through the afternoon. Many people bought more than one piece and I ended up with my best day except for the big Clay Alliance Spring Fair.

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