Friday, May 29, 2009

New Pots and Critters

Jean Ann fired the gas kiln this week and I had several pots come out that I wanted to share with everyone. The jug is about three gallons and made in three parts then assembled on the wheel. It has an ash glaze with Laguna's fake salt. It is striking in person and should make a good attention getter for the sales booth.

The elephant reminds me of one of our local politicians who bellows in the wilderness trying to change national policy. The pig is just cute with a perfect celedon glaze. Both he and the elephant were thrown upside down on the wheel then altered and trimmed to make the bodies. I love them but they were not original ideas so I don't plan to make them for sale.

The small casserole has a nice oribe glaze and a clean white interior.All in all some nice results.


  1. That jug is nice! Makes me want to hoist it over my shoulder and take a swig (er, will it be sold with appropriate contents?).

  2. Lori- Come on this is Ohio. We don't make "appropriate contents" here. I could bring it next time I come to Asheville and have the guys at French Broad Brewing fill it up with Wee Heavy. That would be a nice presentation to take to a party.


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