Thursday, June 4, 2009

Planning Time

This post is something that may be exciting to potters but not to more casual readers. A few weeks ago I was given some kiln brick that had been surplus to a concrete making plant ( lime kiln ?) With the help of my brother I collected all that was to be had and hauled them home. Kiln brick are very expensive to buy at retail so this was a huge gift of support to my pottery business. It will allow more convenient firing of my woodfired pots as well as much more control of the process v/s firing in a community kiln. The current question is what sort of kiln to build.

I'm thinking of a small woodfired kiln with provisions for a propane or waste oil burner to help with initial warm up and as a final booster if needed. I know I will have to buy some additional materials but naturally I want to stay as cheap as possible. The tally on the brick is 500 3 inch #2 arch brick and 180 3 inch Key brick. I'm thinking the keys could be laid nose to tail for a floor, half of the arches could be used on their sides to make part of some 9 inch thick sidewalls, and the rest will make a barrel arch with nearly a 2 ft radius. I probably won't be able to start construction til late summer so I have some time to plan things but I would appreciate any input from knowledgeable readers.

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