Monday, May 11, 2009

Waynesville Show

The village of Waynesville, Ohio is trying to find a way to bring shoppers downtown. They used to come in to buy antiques but that has slowed and the merchants are thinking maybe Art will draw people. I signed up to do five "Second Sunday" sales this summer. The first was yesterday.

It wasn"t a total loss. I found a nickel on the way to my truck at the end of the day.There were twelve or so "artists" and maybe a hundred browsers. There was another potter selling his wares very cheaply and he made five or six small sales.The jewelery booth sold $10 or $20 and the metal stuff on a stick guy made a sale or two.My sales for the day- zero. The weather was good and the hosts were very hospitable but the few folks coming by were just browsers who saw some tents and wondered what was up. I'll try it another time or two to see if it develops but I may take less stuff next time. I don't think I will run out.

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  1. It's limbo time here in SW Ohio. Art on a stick moves to metal stuff on a stick. How low can you go?


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