Saturday, April 11, 2015

Short Post

Last time I posted a shot of some wine glasses as greenware. Smartcat asked to see them finished. OK Here they are.
I'm happy with how they came out. We'll see if they sell before making them by the dozen.
I am still moving slowly toward Springfair which is approaching quickly on May 2. I am pretty much done making and may just glaze a light load so I can run a few refires through the kiln. I have been compartmenting more case for stuff and really wanted to come up with a way to put all my cereal bowls in one box. I figured I needed 12 stacks 4 high and could not find a bin to suit me anywhere so I built one. It is 1/2 inch birch plywood with reinforced finger jointed corners. There is a top that slides in. The only problem is that loaded with 48 bowls, this thing weighs about 60 lbs. I can manage it but I don't want a van full like this. I'm wondering if it would work to just display them like this instead of unpacking. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. When I saw your photo on FB I thought that it might be a display case. Give it a try in your booth and see how it works. I think it was the second show that I did, I filled a box with mostly plates and bowls and then realized that it was too heavy for me to pick up!

  2. I like that. And the box even has your logo on it. Looks good.

  3. Thanks for showing the finished product. Why is it so easy to forget to do that? Good looking wine glasses; the glaze will look good with red or white. It looks like it will be comfortable in the hand.
    I'm with Michele. When I saw the photo I thought the bowls were being displayed. Go for it! I've had to downsize my boxes recently!

  4. I like the reversibility of the cups and the box with the bowls s a great idea.

  5. I think the bowls displayed in the travel case is brilliant. You'll have to weigh up the hassle of the heavy weight vs the effort of a lighter box but having to unpack them to display and carrying extra display materials. Do you have a folding sack-truck to transport them on? That would make a van load of them an easier proposition.


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