Thursday, May 3, 2012


I unloaded the cone 6 firing yesterday and was very happy with the new line of pet bowls.There is a food bowl and a water bowl that is designed so long eared dogs can drink and keep their ears dry.I don't know if they will pop as much on your screen as they do in person but these are really hot. I also had a big pot and a nice casserole make it through the firing. Ok , I'm off to finish packing and loading the van for Spring Fair. Why oh why do I always take so much stuff??


  1. I like your pet bowls. Usually an item that I am not big on and yet you have made them look very nice and these would be great for anyone to use!

  2. Thanks Meredeth. My wife suggested them a while back but I wasn't too keen on it until I needed some kiln fillers and started making them last week. I wanted them to be stylish and high quality to enhance the rest of the brand.Some people will buy for a pet but not for humans so I am hoping to tap into a new niche by keeping a few in the booth this summer.

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