Sunday, May 27, 2012

Death in the Afternoon

My friends Josh and Marie are excellent potters, brewers, and slayers of evil doers.They celebrate all this with an annual Memorial Day picnic. There is not a lot to say other than I'm glad they invited me and enjoy the pictures. Oh yeah, if you are free next Saturday, I'll be at the prettiest art show around. ART IN THE GARDEN in Augusta Ky. From Ohio, you can go east on the AA highway on the Ky side or go out route 52 in Ohio and take the ferry. Hope to see some of you.


  1. I think I need to start doing this, I'm getting pretty good at slaying dragons in Skyrim!

  2. very cool! Jeff has made medieval Raerin pottery for a group off and on over the years... here is a link to pots if you care to take a look:

  3. Tracey, If I see any stray dragons I'll let you know. Michele, thanks for the link. Jeff's pots do look medieval. I particularly like how the foot is done.


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