Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Timely Tip

This is the time of year when many Potter's get the idea that they can get rich making Christmas ornaments for the masses. Pop them out quick, sell 'em like hotcakes. When we come back to reality, we often spend too much time on these and have way too many warp in firing. We all know that to avoid warping, we must always keep the clay flat but even with cornstarch, WD40, or snake oil, the cutters always stick and it is difficult to remove the cut outs without bending them and inviting disaster. Here is the solution. Draw the outline of your cookie cutter on some plywood or even heavy cardboard. Cut it out being careful to stay inside your line. You want a slightly loose fit. Slip this "push block " inside your cookie cutter and use it to hold the clay in place while you lift off the cutter. Problem solved. For visual learners, pictures follow.


  1. Another great tip, some of my cutters have tops so that tip won't work with them I sometimes have to shake them hard to get them to come loose or let them dry which lengthens the process.

  2. Oh the get rich part I could use some of that. Ha.


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