Friday, November 25, 2011

Prepare to Meet Thy Maker

Every gift you give this holiday season will have a story that comes with it. That story might be"WalMart was having a sale", "somebody gave me this piece of crap and I'm passing it on to you", or it could go something like...." I met the neatest...  lives way out in...and takes this stuff he gets from,.. ..and this is how it becomes ...."

When you give handmade, homegrown gifts you are literally supporting your local artists. The money from your purchase stays in your community and is immediately(or sooner) put back into your neighborhood economy to support someone else.What goes around comes around  but it comes around a whole lot faster if it goesn't have to go to China first! It's like a good deed squared. Plus you get unique items that your loved ones will treasure much longer than that set of Chinese trinkets. .AND you will have great memories from your shopping experience instead of just the relief that the dreaded trips are over and you made it home alive. You might even make a new friend or two.

Celebrate Small Business Saturday with your local Artists, Craftsmen, and Farmers this year.You'll be glad you did. I'll be celebrating at Core Clay's Holiday Sale. I'm wrapping (not rapping, that ship has sailed) til noon but should be around all day and would love to see you. If you are in a different place on the planet, celebrate where you are. Have a great weekend


  1. You said it better than me, great post, hope the holidays and sales are great for you.

  2. Really good point. When I get a great gift and someone comments on it, I always have a story to tell about it. Can't remember telling the story of the wrong color placemats I got last year though......

  3. Thanks Linda. Tracey, I hope the show energy is moving some of those dark clouds away.Hope you both have a great weekend.

  4. very well said! wishing your lots of wrapping today :-)


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