Monday, February 23, 2009

Workshop Weekend

The Cincinnati Clay Alliance/Potters Council Workshop was this weekend.Pam Duncan and Tom Funke spearheaded it. With their leadership and many many volunteers, it seemed to go off without a hitch. I volunteered to help the presenters so I was there all three days and had a great time. I did not get to see all the presenters so I am posting just a few photos from the ones I was able to squeeze in. I'm not comfortable with the layout options for Blogger yet so I hope I can get some of the captions under the right pictures.I told you that this 21st century stuff was new to me.

Gil Stengel is faculty member at NKU.This gives him access to a large kiln and a forklift so he can make these huge pots.He also has access to a clay monkey named Jon Stein who mixes and kneads his clay for him.Both are great guys and very talented potters.I have seen other potters use the methods Gil showed us but Gil actually let 75 people take turns putting clay onto these pots.

Chris Early is from Wisconsin but previously lived near New Richmond. He apprenticed with Mark Hewitt in North Carolina and makes extremely light and even functional pots to precise dimensions.He is very efficient and showed the group how to make beautiful pots with minimal wasted effort.

Mike Baum is a local potter from Lebanon,Ohio.He has made his living as a production potter for over thirty years and is very active in the Clay Alliance.His work was recently featured in Pottery Making Illustrated.At 2pm on March 14 Mike and his wife Karen will be hosting a Kiln Opening sale at their home on SR 350 from 2 to 8pm. This will be a great opportunity to enjoy some hospitality,hear some live music and see how Mike makes these stunning pots.

Laura Ross is a Potter from Louisville. Like Mike she has been making pots for 30 years or more. She held her groups spellbound for 3 hrs on both days. The participants were supposed to make some pots but they said they would rather watch her so they sat with their mouths hanging open as she deftly formed and altered tea bowls and ovenware.


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