Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello Everybody! Here we go with the adventures of a nearly 60 yr old amateur potter who is being dragged into the twenty first century just as he was getting the hang of the twentieth.It seems like basic introductions are in order although if you don't already know me I have no idea why you are here.I am a retired special education teacher. I have been married to my wife Tina for nearly 35 years. Tina is also a retired educator.We have grown children in New York and Charlotte who support themselves and make their student loan payments on time.Tina breeds and shows English Cocker Spaniels and we are hoping for a litter in about six weeks.

After I retired I began making pottery at the Art Center in Middletown ,Ohio and have really gotten into it.I am involved with a community wood/soda kiln near Moscow Ohio and the Cincinnati Clay Alliance.I have had workshops with John Britt, Pete Pinnell, Gay Smith,Mark Hewitt, and Ky. potter Sarah Culbreath.My work has been well received and I have begun selling pots on a regular basis. I am currently involved with the Potters Council Regional Workshop and will be doing artist support this weekend. I am sure I will have a lot to report.

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