Monday, May 23, 2016

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, and Wait and Wait

Hello everyone. The back seems to be healing. Slowly but healing. Dr. Says it's a sacro-iliar sprain. All I know is de back bone connected to de hip bone and that's where it hurts. I have returned myself to light duty and while it is not pain free, it's a lot better. On to other things...

Back in February, my buddy Tony Clennell from the land of the ice and snow suggested that we trade mugs at the North Carolina Potter's Conference in early March ( See earlier posts).I was shocked that he would propose a deal that was so lopsided in my favor but never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I agreed. We had a swell time in NC and I gave Tony a humble little mug . Being the gentleman that all good little Canadian boys are raised to be, He even found nice things to say about his new mug. He had brought along a bunch of pots and put them all out on the sale table. He sold everything he brought. Good for him. He insisted that he would mail me a mug after he got home and off the road. A few weeks later, he mailed me a mug. Apparently all the ice and snow up there removed one digit from my 4 digit address. We have lived here 25 year on a country road. By the time that box got to Ohio, the post office claimed it was undeliverable. Probably never got to my carrier's truck because the numbers start at 1000. So back it went, sledding it's way north, waiting for Lake Erie to freeze so they could cross etc. Round trip took a month. Tony said he would re-mail . I sent a couple of good American dollars to help with the extra postage.( None of that colorful stuff they just carry around for the pretty pictures) Tony mailed it last week. I received it today.

The Mug I Gave Tony
Much Traveled Package

Isn't She Spectacular?
The Elusive Oxblood Red !

In other news, I am trying to be a "Stand Up Guy" to help with the back. It is taking some getting used to but I think it will at least be good for platters and big bowls

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  1. I have only gotten as far as THINKING about throwing standing up. My back would be much happier I imagine....And BOTH those mugs are beauties.

  2. I think both of you got a great trade!
    I have been pondering the standing up to throw thing for too long. I really need to just do it.

  3. Both mugs are absolute knockouts! That oxblood red is nice!!!!!!

  4. I stood for years. I had to learn to sit after going to teach. I admit, I'd rather stand.
    Sweet mugs.

  5. I'd be happy with either mug. I stand to throw- started several years ago and it made my back happy. Hope it works for you.

  6. Looks like an even trade to me. That oxblood red is amazing.
    When my old Amaco treadle wheel was my only wheel I threw standing. Then I had surgery and couldn't stand so I switched to a Shimpo. It took a while to get used to it.
    Hope the back continues to get better!

  7. The size of that bowl indicates taking it easy on your back? mmm. Glad I'm not your mother! Lovely mugs! Great story which will always make yours double special!

  8. great mugs so glad they finally made it, sorry about your back, hope you are doing much better; I think throwing standing up is a good thing. Did you see the photo of Kristen Kieffer's set up of how she throws standing up? Here is the link:

  9. I love those things!
    Red inside is really spectacular, I adore!

  10. Ugh... backs! Does anyone have one that works? I think we got designed wrong!
    I would have been very happy with you humble mug, I think its beautiful!!

  11. Love the mugs... both of them!
    I've been doing most of my throwing standing up for about the last 3 years. It has been a great back saver. I had the wheel on something solid and nonadjustable for the first year, until I realized that the sort of hydraulic lifts that mechanics operating on quad bikes use, were just the right size to fit under the wheel. A small sheet of plywood and a few modifications gave me a stand up wheel that I can change the height of when I need to, just by pumping a pedal a few times with my foot. Looks a bit rough, but works well. I might post some pictures on my blog sometime.

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