Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So Long Everybody

That's right. It's been so long since I posted that I think people quit looking for updates. I'm gonna fix that right now. It was a long January and February. The ankle still hurt some and I had to be careful not to get out on the ice and slip etc but it has settled to the point that If I overuse it, it hurts. If I take care of it, it feels like it did a couple of years ago. The limping seemed to screw with my back so there went another two weeks. Finally a couple of weeks ago I went for a routine check up and my doctor didn't like the way my face looked. Specifically a spot on  my face that turned out to be a minor skin cancer that comes off in a couple of weeks. They say it is nothing to worry about but then again it is not their face. All of this stuff has slowed down the pottery making this winter. I need to make Lasagna dishes, I need more mugs, I need more big bowls.  It will get done, I'll just be busy. I'll keep you posted, Honest. On the fun side of the ledger, I attended the North Carolina Potter's Conference last weekend. I have 92 pictures so I will need to space things out over a couple of weeks to go through it all.

Tony Clennell and I have been online friends for several years and this was a chance to meet up in person. I know it's not really that far to South Ontario but there are only a couple of days each year between skeeter season, blackfly season, and ice over so it has been hard to schedule a visit. Tony demonstrated his strong sense of style and distinctive line of multihandled shino glazed pots He also brought a nice selection of pots for sale and sold them all in short order. It was great to finally meet him and hang out for a while.With so many pictures, I didn't even process them so they are still raw but you can see what was going on.

In my quest to offend a wider array of people, I have still been singing a couple of times a week. Here is the latest. I'll post more from the conference in a couple of days. We're just getting started.


  1. Wish I could have been at the conference, but there is this new job and all.... bleh.
    The aches and pains just come at you after 50 don't they? You might remember my husband had a skin cancer on his face, it was a big one, he had Mohs surgery, the stitches ran from the corner of his eye to his chin and looked like it would be bad scarring, but it healed quickly, he had no pain and now a year later you can barely see the scar. I had one removed from my back that was also a simple procedure and healed quickly. If you got to get a cancer, skin cancer is the easiest to deal with for sure! Good luck, heal quickly!!

  2. Thanks Tracey Good to hear from you.Congrats again on the new job.

  3. Take care on the health side.
    We met tony Clennell at the festival in Aberystwyth last year..a great potter and person online and for real

  4. All "that health stuff" has slowed me down as well. I'm counting on this sunshine to perk me up! Exciting that you took the trip to Asheboro...that'll get you creating again for sure!

  5. thanks for posting and updating us, sorry about the skin cancer, ugh, it always seems to be something nowadays doesn't it; good for you taking the trip to NC conf. one of these days I hope to do more traveling; both of my knees are giving me trouble not to mention eyes and teeth, with all of that I have just glanced at the studio, feeling bad about that but hoping to motivate myself soon; ugh it is hell to get old, not for sissies.

  6. It was great to see you last week. I really wish I had been able to attend the conference. It was a great line up this year. Too bad that money doesn't grow on trees :-(


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