Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Since Spring Fair, I have made a few pots but since the next show is in August, there is no rush to finish anything. I've been cleaning and re organizing. I've sold off a few things that were taking up too much space, broken bad pots, had a seconds sale and it has had some effect in opening up the shop. I may even have made enough space for a photo booth! I'll let you know how that comes out. This week, I've been screwing around making some larger pots. These are about 16" each. I know how to make bigger ones but they get to be a real pain to carry around to shows and these are big enough to be corner pieces while being small enough they might actually sell.

In other news, fellow Balladeer John Giver is in hospice care. I guess he had written some songs that Christine Lavin ( Sensitive New Age Guys, Four Bitchin' Babes, etc)  had recorded and they had become friends. She came to town last weekend to pay her respects and give a somewhat impromptu concert in his honor. Turns out she is about my age. I had expected her to be 30 years younger and when she started to sing, she was. She put on a great little show for about 100 people and we all had a good time. One of the openers was Lenny Hall and his wife Linda singing the old Billy Joe Shaver song " I'm Gonna Live Forever" It was a perfect song for the occasion and Lenny does it much better than I do but in case you don't know it, here is my version.


  1. great large pots; if I win the lotto I want to live forever. great song; oh I guess we will live forever - you in your songs and pots and me in my pots and photos. ha.

  2. I enjoy your posts, and was surprised I hadn't yet become a follower. Those big pots are great! Good song too!

  3. Thanks Linda. Barb, I know you are a regular and I was kind of surprised that you were not a follower too.I guess now I can send you the password and the secret handshake.

  4. That's a great lidded jar. The big pots are good at drawing people into the booth, the don't always sell but when they do it's very exciting!
    Thanks for the tune. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like he is surrounded by good friends and music.


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