Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Left

I got a call from someone the other day asking what pots I had on hand. Well. it's the end of my season so things are a little picked over and some other things would be cost prohibitive to ship but I thought I would post some pictures for her to see. In case I'm not allowed to do this, this is not a general offer to sell anything through Blogger. It is just to let Caroline know what I have handy and what prices I would charge her for them. Note some of the greens came through a little too saturated. They are really the same color as the other green pots.


  1. someone should just buy directly from you.
    years ago I made my mother a Pi Pan - she was a math teacher... I thought it was a clever item. Then again some people don't get it.

  2. Love the red pitcher and the large vase and those greens are good too. I've seen other's posting pots for sale on their blogs never heard they had an problems.

  3. Very nice, I suspect you'll have several requests for purchase coming soon.


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