Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Big is Yours?

Yesterday, Brenda Hornsby Heindel from Liberty Stoneware posed an interesting question on Facebook. "What size mugs do you make?" " What size is your personal mug?" The ones I  make are mostly 16oz.some 12, a few espresso size. I said that I personally used 20's most of the time. Today, I pulled my go to mugs out of the cabinets and dishwasher and every one actually measured 24oz or a little more. I also pulled out several of the mugs I love but don't generally use. I use the soda fired coffee bucket quite a bit, especially when I want a slow start to the day. It weighs less than most 12 oz mugs.  The yellow one is not the prettiest mug I ever made, nor is it the most stylish but it is very light and holds a lot. I keep reaching for it and that is the answer to the question. All are big, light, and have comfortable handles.

Mine, Naysan from Miami Valley, Mine, Sarah Culbreth

The ones in the next picture I really like. A couple are mine, the others are not and all hold less than a coffee hound like me drinks in one sitting. As nice as they are some mean more to me as mementos of workshops or friendships than as mugs . There are plenty of others that could have been in both pictures. It is interesting to me that although I'm proud of my own standard dinnerware mugs, they did not make either group.

Mine, Mine, Gay Smith, Whynot, Lori Theriault, Hannah McAndrews


  1. I prefer a 12 -14 oz mug. I don't even like to make bigger mugs.

  2. proud to have made part of the collection (and why don't I have one of yours?! we need to remedy that on your next pass through!). I vary in my tastes, sometimes a big, honkin' mug or even a tumbler for coffee, sometimes something in the 12oz range. I made some oversize mugs for a commission, and the extras are in the studio kitchen. I go to those often if I'm there too early in the day, but they also hold a frosted beverage quite nicely too. :)

  3. It does depend on what I am drinking.
    I have one that Mark made close to the size that we gave you that is my perfect cup of coffee.
    tea- yours works well for tea.
    Then water- the bigger the better.
    I like me a big drink of water and, please, a handle.
    Wine- glass, I know, I know-- but wine gets glass.

  4. I feel like I have a different mug for different times of day. First cup in the morning is in a small espresso size, then I kick it up to a bit larger one, cold drinks in an even larger one, medium one for afternoon tea, really big one for 5 o'clock beer time. I have all sizes and like them all for different reasons. I need the tiny one in the morning because I want a really hot cup of coffee and the larger ones cool off faster than I like them to.

  5. Gee, thanks everyone. Seems like the consensus is there is no consensus. Fine by me. If there were one size and style that fit everyone we would all be making the same thing, boring the world to death, and competing with WalMart

  6. Since I drink out of all different size mugs I make a bunch of different size mugs. It all depends on the way you feel when you select it from the cupboard.


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