Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art on a Stick

Most of us have been at an Art Fair where we are having a tough day and seen people buying the tasteless crap known as "Art on a Stick".It baffles us why that stuff sells and our art (which rivals Michaelangelo's) goes untouched. Well, Gaffney S.C. actually has one piece of" Art on a Stick" that I like ,so in all fairness, I am including a picture. Yes. they love their peaches.


The trip thru Gaffney followed a lovely weekend with our daughter Kate who teaches H.S. Art in Charlotte.It was a very nice weekend that included a trip to the new Mint Museum.On the way home, I went thru Asheville and stopped at Highwater for a ton of clay. I was anxious to see how the new van handled the load. I had to stop at the next rest area to make sure they hadn't given me empty boxes.The van didn't even notice a ton of cargo.Same pick up same gas mileage, wow. I'm picking up pots from the gas kiln at Middletown later today so I'll be putting up some pictures in a day or two. Stop back.


  1. your title made me chuckle... john zentner always referred to them as "duck on a stick" shows.
    i have been in NC for over a year and still haven't made it to the mint museum, hopefully i will get there this weekend.
    it's great to have a van that can handle a ton of clay!

  2. That peach always looked like someone's backside to me :) used to pass it all the time going from Charlotte to Atlanta. It's actually sort of pretty at sunset...

  3. I took a photo of that peach while I was passing by in 1986! It looks like a fancier paint job now!

  4. Moon over Gaffney? Yes Tracey it does kind of look like an ass but sometimes we all do.


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