Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Lately it seems, blogs I follow have been writing about gardens, recipes, and vacations.I have been writing about studio construction, machinery shows, Ohio Slip, and selling pots. I may even have slipped up and said a few nice things about other people.( Don't expect that to happen again anytime soon) It's time to get back to writing about pots. Since I have been doing those other things, I do not have a lot of new finished work to show you right now. I did a bisque load yesterday and that will have to do. I am still on my unending quest for the perfect mug so here are a bunch of variations, probably will finish out at 12 ounces. I love big 20 ounce mugs but some folks seem to want something a little smaller. I have also been testing a slip that looks like it gives good coverage. I think the sponge decoration will pop. Tea pots are very popular with potters but they take a while to make and can be a pain to transport to shows. I thought I would try some coffee servers. Opinions welcome. Finally bowls galore. serving bowls, soup/cereal bowls, small red clay baking bowls to match my larger baking dishes and a casserole that is way too big. Hope to let you see the outcome in a couple of weeks.

My twin brother turned 60 yesterday.( I'm still trying to decide if I will or not. ) Thanks to all who sent greetings.


  1. I've been playing around with slip too. I have some patterned sponges I've been using. Those coffee servers would be good for iced tea or minted lemonade too. Love the first one, it reminds me of a porcelain covered metal one I had once. Why is the casserole too big?

  2. I'm thinking it will be over 4 qt, maybe 5.That is a pretty big helping of Tuna and Noodles,plus it takes extra room to store.


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