Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The barn builders are finished. I still have to wire it,insulate,etc and I probably will install a couple more windows that I got on the cheap at an auction last week.Then it will be time to build fixtures and get to making some pots.
Milestone number two is an 8 cu ft Bailey Gas Kiln that my neighbor gave me a lead on last summer. The previous owner was kind enough to keep it until I had a place to put it but today was the day to bring her home.It took a large truck,a Bobcat with forks on it,and a lot of care but here she is at last.The kiln has low mileage and two sweet little power burners so it should be nice to fire.Of course I still need propane service and a vent in the roof but this is definitely a step closer to being set up at home.

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