Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Pots

Every woodfiring has pots that don't quite measure up. From our last firing, I really liked the form of the jar on the right but the surface looked like the cup on the left. My friend Mike Baum suggested that we refire it in his gas kiln to see what would happen. Wow , what a difference. The dry soda and ash fluxed and turned clear revealing the wonderful color beneath.It's good to have friends.

This week has been busy. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't getting any younger and pole barns weren't getting any cheaper. If I am ever going to build a studio, I might as well do it while I can enjoy it. I have a couple of bids that I might be able to live with if I can get the lot level at a reasonable cost. I have re-fenced the yard so I can push dirt around with the tractor without the dogs getting out and am waiting on a bid for fill dirt and /or professional excavation. I'll keep you posted.

Don't forget Art in the Park in Bellevue Ky. Saturday and Second Sunday Stroll in Waynesville on Sunday. This is the last Waynesville show of the season and I hope they can get a crowd into town. It is a lovely little village but it has been a slow summer up there. The end of the month, I am doing a three day show in Old Clifton Village in Greene county near Yellow Springs.( 25,25,27 of Sept.) Harvest Festival at Maplecreek on Oct 10 and then taking time to get ready for our Christmas sale the first Saturday in December.

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  1. I love the way the surface of that pot changed. I'm really interested in a gas kiln for myself. Glad that Mike suggested you do this - it really is neat to see how it changed. Hope to see you at Belleview!


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