Monday, April 1, 2013

Shelf Yourself!

I know it's been a while since I posted pictures of new pots. Except for one little test  mug you are going to have to wait til next time.The second of 4 glaze firings is cooling now. I'll try to get pics up in a day or two. In the mean time, there is more to it than just making the pots. You have to display them and sell them too. In the past, a couple of my racks sat on top of 6 ft "suitcase" style tables. This worked OK and with a table cover it looked good and gave some hidden storage. This year, I thought I would try a folding base with shelves for extra display space. The unit is made of one 12 ft cedar 2x6, some dowels, 4 hinges and two 24' doors ( I will add another but I only bought 2 doors so far). Total cost about $100.  They are light weight, very stiff,and set up in seconds.I also assembled the unit so that when the shelves are in place there is a 5/16 inch rail across the back edge so the upper rack that sits on top does not get bumped and slide off . Shows start in May. I'll show you the full set up then.Until then, here are some quick and fuzzy cell phone pictures that will give you the general idea of how it went together.

I know I promised you a pottery picture. Here is my recently adjusted cone 6 black decorated with a commercial glaze. I think it shows promise and it should be very reliable.

A final note, I am endorsing recently announced candidate, potter and kiln builder Shane Mickey for North Carolina Governor. My suggested slogan- If you want your lawmakers to do better, Slip Them a Mickey! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I want a workshop, I want a table saw! I really need to build a decent booth this year....

  2. it's amazing what you can do with hollow core doors! I like how it folds up so compact... easy to set up and break down.

    Vote for Mickey in NC!

  3. Thanks Linda. Tracey, if you plan out your work you can do all the machine work on these in less than an hour.You just need access to a saw and a drill press. In a pinch you could use a circle saw and a hand drill but you won't have the accuracy of the stationary tools.. Michele, yup, they are great and at $20 each they are really cheap for something so strong and stiff.

  4. Very nice shelves Dennis! Do you take orders?

  5. Thanks Nancy. I built shelves for Ann and Peggy last year after they helped with my studio ceiling but I'm trying to resist taking other orders, just like I don't like pottery commissions. If pots aren't selling this summer I might do a few.


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