Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Regular readers will remember me pondering what to do with my Christmas gift from the sign shop.Thanks again to all of you for your input. Well, I'll never get a tattoo but I have been branded. I finally made up my mind and got a banner for the booth, some shirts, assorted hats, and a large rubber stamp.I really don't know if it will make a huge difference in the short run but anything that makes me look more together should increase buyer confidence.

In other matters, Springfair is in two weeks and I have one more load to bisque and glaze so it looks like I'm on track.On a different note, in answer to Patti's comment- No, Patti. I think Crazy as a Loon applies to me singing in public.


  1. Here's to the loon in all of us, sing on, great line up for your brand.

  2. Awesome banner! I have been thinking about a rubber stamp to mark our bags. Yours looks like a good size, how big is it?

  3. Michele, 3" stamp.The bottom is "rockered" for easier stamping and it seems to work well. Cost was about $35+ pad. The self inking were over a hundred. I wouldn't go any smaller. The banner is just 5 1/2 ft so I can put it on the tent outside but it is small enough to hang on a table at an indoor show.


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