Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy as a Loon

The last time I posted video, I received info that some of you had trouble watching it.Not the " I can't stand to look at it" kind of trouble. OK maybe some had that but technical trouble. Today I tried to record on my android tablet and post on youtube to see if it worked better. June Perry had a tip for me after she couldn't see it so here is my second try to post a song that I'm not ready to play in prime time. On the pottery front, things are coming out of the cone 6 kiln and I think I have one more load to do this month to be stocked for several shows. If you have trouble (technical type) viewing, please let  me know and I will keep at it.
Thanks for your help.


  1. LOVE John Prine, I think one of the first gifts I gave Gerry was a John Prine CD.
    Awesome! I could even see it on my iPad!,

  2. When I saw the title of your post, i thought you were talking about Tracy Broome!


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