Thursday, April 4, 2013

These Things Really Suck !

Do you ever wish you could dip a pot in the glaze bucket while holding on to the foot but there is no foot just an ungrippable slippery surface? These little suckers are $2.99 each at Harbor Freight. They are sold in the auto body dept for pulling out dents in sheet metal. With the flip of a lever, they will hold on to flat bottomed pots by vacuum so you can dip them and keep the foot clean. Also this way  your glaze is thicker at the top of the pot and thinner at the bottom which is usually a good thing.


  1. What a great idea! I wish I had known about these years ago when I had a tendency to make bowls with really wimpy foot rings and nothing to hang on to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Harbor freight is like a candy store. Love that place!

  3. I used to have one of these and can't figure out where I put it???? Time to check out Harbor Freight again.

  4. HA! I use one of the small ones to hold down my cutting ruler when I'm quilting/cutting fabric. Never thought about holding a pot! I will definitely try it! Thanks Dennis!

  5. Harbor Freight sells cheap plastic crap tools made in China and India. The metal tools are poorly forged and made, and they are taking business from American companies that sell quality tools.
    That should please you 'Made in America' folks.
    I'll just buy pottery made in China and India also, because it's cheaper, why should I buy American handmade pottery, which is more expensive, and most times of inferior quality?
    Oh, the irony!

  6. Clare, Thanks for your input. I searched for USA made suction cups after reading your comment. The only ones I could find started at $40 each but did look to be better made. If I were using them every day, I might buy one. I'm actually more of a fair trader than a Buy USA only kind of guy. If you feel that handmade pottery is inferior you are free to buy whatever pottery appeals to you or get some old Melmac from Goodwill. If all you see when you look at mug is whether it will hold coffee, there is no reason for you to spend more than $3 for one.If you want, art, history, tradition and a connection to the hands that made it, you might have to spend a little more.

    1. Exactly. Get over it Clare. You need to understand that the reason things come from China is that the consumer cannot afford to pay "Made In USA" prices. This is a complicated issue. Don't blame job losses on people who buy cheap product. There is actually a shortage of workers; problem is those jobs positions require better trained and educated workers. You need to get yourself educated and you will never be without a job...and never make comments like this because you will know better.

  7. these look great! I'm surprised they have enough suction to hang on to bisqueware, I would have thought they would need a better seal. I would have to order mine online, do you know what the generic name for them is, or do you have a link?

  8. Jimena- They are sold for pulling dents out of cars or carrying large sheets of glass.The key sentence is " if your pots have a smooth flat bottom" If you have a coarse clay or it is not flat they may not hold well enough. It is also a good idea to swing the pot a little as you pull it out of the bucket so you are not pulling against the suction of the glaze v/s the interior of the pot. Good Luck.

  9. thanks so much! If anyone finds a place that sells them online I'd love a link. I live outside the US so I'd have to have someone carry it over for me. great idea!


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