Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Day, Another Kiln

Here's a quick glaze making tip, then some pictures. When mixing glazes, weigh the water you add too and record it .For a simple example,  lets say you mix 1000g water per 1000g solids.If you want to adjust something later or just do a test it's easy to dip out 200g of mixed glaze and know you have 100g of dry materials in your sample. Then it is simple to add the desired percentage of material . You can also weigh everything in your bucket (even if you have used some glaze) and make adjustments to the whole batch.


  1. and you have a great background to.

  2. Thanks Ladies, you know I really value both your opinions

  3. Very funny comment on my blog, Dennis. You would like my friend Paul, the author of this. I'll ask him the question!
    I see a little DF influence in that teapot!? Nice.

  4. Olá, Dennis Allen!
    Lindos trabalhos. Congrats.

    Sol Belém

  5. I too love that teapot; your photos are really showing off your work well.


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