Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Hi everyone.The Midwest skipped the panic about Irene so I spent the week firing pots at home in the electric kiln and glazing cone 10 pots to go into 3 different gas firings. I got so tired I even slipped up and volunteered to run for Member at Large ( I thought they said Large Member). of the Clay Alliance again. Last time I was on the board I felt I was there to serve the members and share their concerns with the board at large. This time, my platform is that I am there to loot the treasury, serve my own interests, and demand bribes and sexual favors from anyone who needs anything. If this works out, I might even run for Congress. I'll certainly be qualified. Speaking of Congress, I saw on "The Ticket" that many Congressmen are complaining that they are not paid enough. To be fair I think we should put them on straight merit pay. If it's good enough for teachers, it's good enough for Congress. We would save a fortune.

Now I know I promised pictures and they are coming up.The iron red pots are pretty true to color and are glazed with a Ketchup Red recipe from Ceramics Monthly. The blue is Jeff's Long Beach( cone 10). and the copper reds (which are much brighter in person) are Pete Pinnell's red (cone 10). I'm trying out a new background for the pictures and I think I will be happier with another fill light but I am generally satisfied. OK you've waited long enough. Thanks for stopping in.


  1. I once read that in China you only paid the doctor if you were well (probably not that way any more). Maybe that's what we should do with Congress - only pay them when the country is healthy! :-)

    Nice reds!

  2. I agree with June, headlines say there is so much waste and corruption with contractors in the wars, that money could go to social security and stimulating jobs for Americans. Great colors and photos you have, very nice.

  3. That iron red is interesting!
    Is it a cone 9/10, or is it a cone 6 full of Ghastly Borate?!!

    I've had some good recipes from Edouarde Bastarache's blogs


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