Monday, September 19, 2011

They Love Me in Loveland

Now that we all know why I didn't sing on the first musical post, let's get back to pottery.Yesterday was the 15th annual Loveland Art Show. Packet pick up opened at 7 so I was there at 7. I'm no longer a fan of getting up at 5 AM but I hate to rush in the morning so I always arrive early and take my time with setup. It was still dark so I needed a flashlight to findmy booth number spray painted on the grass.My booth was 50 yards or more from the unloading area but they had a crew of high school girls who carried every box to my site and came back at 5:30 to reverse the process. I could not have done it without them.

The day was mostly overcast with an occasional sprinkle of rain.It could have been better. It could have been a lot worse.Sales were off and on as usual. I always worry that I'm not doing well but when I get home and tally things up it turns out I did pretty well. Also as usual, when I went to get lunch, I came back to a booth full of people who actually bought stuff til my burger was nice and cold. I sold a fair number of mugs and a few small bowls, but as has been my pattern this year, I sold more $40+ pots than I have in the past. Jars, big bowls, and baking dishes made my day.Here is a picture of a big batter bowl the my friend Mike let me glaze and fire in his big gas kiln. It lasted about 45 minutes. I might have to make more.


  1. getting ready to eat food is the best way to conjure up customers! congrats to you on a good show.

  2. gorgeous glaze job on the batter bowl


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