Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bellevue Review

Morning came early on Saturday and I headed South to Bellevue Ky. for Art in the Park.The show site is right on the Ohio River and couldn't be prettier. They have a great bunch of volunteers down there. They don't just hand you a slip of paper, they walk you to your spot! I got the most convenient spot I have ever seen.I was able to back the truck in about 6 feet behind the booth and LEAVE IT THERE ALL DAY. I could have sold off the tailgate! (Jody if you are reading, I want the same spot in perpetuity. Just put my name on it.) They passed out snack bags in the morning and brought drinks around all day. There were folks to tote and carry, there was music all day, in short, the organizers and volunteers could not have worked harder to make Artists feel welcome and appreciated.

To get down to the nitty gritty, sales were good but few. I sold a few mugs and small bowls but also a fair number of jars, a nice baking dish, the big blue bucket, a set of plates, and a piggy bank. I was worried when I went for about an hour and a half with no sales in the early afternoon but with the help of some bigger tickets, it all worked out in the end. Several friends were showing and many of the Clay Alliance members stopped by as well. It's nice to see people and really nice when they watch your booth while you go to the bathroom! Here are a couple of pictures of the departed.

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  1. Yippee, I see why the departed, glad you had a good time.


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