Friday, September 9, 2011

Going to Kentucky

This has been a busy week. I started two great kids classes at the Middletown Art Center, started making some little price point items for Christmas sales, Fired the electric kiln and boxed sorted and loaded pots to take to Bellevue Ky. for Art in the Park tomorrow. Bellevue is always a nice show for me. I sell pretty well and I really enjoy being right on the Ohio river.The river boats go right past the show and it makes for a very scenic setting.

 I am posting some of the warm pots that I got out of the cone 6 kiln yesterday.I am very happy with how it went .The non- potters can skip ahead to the pictures at this point. Potters can keep reading. I have gotten a question from GZ about the Ketchup Red glaze.It is from Ceramics Monthly March 2011 and attributed to Jayne Shatz. Thanks for all the comments last time, that's how we know there are really people out there.

Gerstley Borate 31
Talc                  14
Custer               20
EPK                  5
Silica                 30

Spanish RIO      15%

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  1. I'm not a people, I am a martian from another planet studying the humor of humans on blogs, Have a good trip.


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