Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tool Time

Meredith Heywood recently posted about her favorite tools and inspired me to do the same. When I first started potting, I bought a lot of tools. Their most important function is to cover up the few tools that I really do use. Many of the tools I like best, I make myself. . One of the materials I really like is scrap plastic from old Rubbermaid tubs or trashcans.You can cut it with scissors and quickly smooth the edges with sandpaper.Here are a few tools that I made for special purposes that I keep reaching for.
The outer legs are fixed, the center one slides
The exposed section of the center dowel shows 
the thickness of the bottom and leaves no hole.

The dowel has a 5/16 long brad in the end. Stick it in the center of the 
plate you are throwing and it imprints the depth you need to open to.
the big rib flattens the bottom of the plate ,sets the radius of the bottom,
 and sets the curve that transitions the bottom to the sidewall.

Special purpose ribs and my "chop"

This one is really handy.


  1. I think you could start a business....... Love that first idea, took me a minute though..... I hope everyone shares their tools, way to inspire us , Meredith!

  2. Those are some cool tools. I love the way potters think.

  3. The thickness tools are so wonderful, that use of a dowel is great.


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